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LEVEL1    GRADES 3 – 5    PRE – REQ None

20 Classes

7,000 Rs


 goCODR’s game development course turns game players into game makers. This hands-on course is for students in grades 3-5 who want to try to make a game. goCODR’s goal is to build the logical foundations of programming and software development, using MIT Scratch, a visual programming language and educational tool from MIT. Students will learn about key computer science concepts while designing, creating and debugging games with their classmates. They will then get a chance to take what they’ve learned to the next level by creating their own simple games, applying skills they have learnt in the class

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Sequence programming
  • Game Design
  • Loops & Events
  • if statement
  • Debugging

 goCODR is a course that gets children to think like software developers. Learning how to code is easier than you think, especially when you’re playing a game. With goCODR students will learn to code in MIT Scratch, a visual programming tool from MIT to bring your own interactive stories and games to life. Students will learn the fundamentals of computer science, while learning how to use a new medium for expression. With goCODR, children design and create their own games by manipulating images on a 2D computer “stage”. Students design their own characters, animate them in different ways and add sound effects to bring their game to life.

Best Coding Curriculum
Group Coding Classes
Learn coding from coders
Best Coding Curriculum
Group Coding Classes
Learn coding from coders