The more parents are picky and quality conscious the more they like us.

My daughter really enjoyed the coding classes. It enhanced her creativity and perseverance. She is now more focussed and can spend a longer time on a particular task without getting distracted

Mother of Kanika Yadav

 Grade 8

Ridge Valley School

I was very skeptical initially if my son can do coding, goCODR really helped him. I am really happy with the outcome. He is now looking forward to make a career in software development

Father of Yuvan Gola

Grade 4

GD Goenka

goCDR step-by-step approach helped my kid to learn and master coding effortlessly. My kid want to learn python and was facing issues, but goCODR helped him. Thanks goCODR

Mother of Kanika Yadav

Grade 8

Ridge Valley School

kids ❤️ goCODR

I liked coding very much, my sir is great. I really miss my coding classes. I made two games and an app and I am very happy and my parents are very happy

Rimhim Sharma

Grade 4

Shri Ram School


It was a great experience to learn coding from goCODR. I really liked their approach and how they simplified the whole thing. I started with small simple projects but now I can create big and complex projects.

Pulkit Arora

Grade 5

DPS International School


It was a great journey. I learned a lot from it. I now always try to understand how a particular app or website works. Thank you for this life-changing course goCODR.

Rajveer Singh

Grade 6

Scottish High


It was pretty nice. The chapters were tricky and fun. Sir explained to us very beautifully and creating our own game was excellent. My parents are proud of me.

Aarav Gupta

Grade 7



I learned coding from goCODR, I really loved the experience. I made an app to record and save BP and Sugar readings of my parents. I want to become a software engineer now and may start my own company one day. 

Pankhuri Malik

Grade 3

GD Goenka Public School